Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidential February Greetings- A Year With A Lab...

I see it has been almost a year since a meaningful post from JXC.  I certainly apologize to all 6 of you who come here in support of my image work.  I am certain you have given up on finding anything new and exciting here- I don't blame you.  It has been a great year with lots of great work but not a lot of time to talk about it.  I am and I hope all you are very OK with that...

It's a shame that we now let ourselves get distracted daily, hourly and by the minute by our device.  My lame excuse is that I get paid to play in the social media space but that also allows me a much better understanding of our dysfunctional culture as I watch people get sucked into the black hole of digital autism-myself included.  I am sure I will cycle back here to Blogger as I think Google's platform will prevail even if I still don't understand its "Circles" as I type but for now any posts will be random.

I can tell you that my "blog" time has been healthfully reinvested with the arrival of "Sweetie" aka "Sweet Girl" a year ago.  She has got me back outside daily and may be the best cure for digital autism I know.  As you might imagine my camera is along for the digital ride most days- a small sample for my 6 fans here.  Be Well- Be Happy...

And yes after all this- find SGirl on F-Book... WOOF!

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