Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Saturday in the Office...

I am staying committed to stopping along the way so I did so again yesterday (been told it takes 4-6 weeks to break a habit). Returning from a very fun meeting with 2011 B&G Taylor and Jeremy I pulled over and waded thru the few remaining tourist. Shooting HDR images (these are not-FYI) forces me to use a tripod and the culture of pocket point n' blur and phone camera folks look at you like you're flying the space shuttle when you pull a real camera out and they scurry away... it's rather fun! So a classic backside view and a not so classic view of the Rock Pile dressed in October white. My favorite color- T&J look forward to looking at the views with you again next May... BL

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final Foliage Update-Less Leaves- More Ledge

Forget the fact that winter is why we live here- the upside to the winds cleaning up the foliage to where only the strong leafs survive till Halloween is the backyard view and that the ledges start to appear at the backdoor... I hesitate to declare the Rock official white for the season but based on this AM's view tough not to think we are there... BL

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks to the backroads...

I have the privilege of living in an place where the fire hydrants are ponds along the backroads that keep me sane in a summer full of travel. I stopped yesterday coming from Cornish- rare but necessary on occasion. I knew that monsoon wind and rain that are here today would turn an already fading fall into November, my least favorite time of year with the shorting daylight and snow yet to cover the ground. Note to self- stop more often on the backroads... BL