Friday, November 28, 2008

It is "Raining" Here...

Post Turkey Greetings- hugs to all I missed in person yesterday-
It's been all rain on the coast and down south and we did get a good drenching last week here too-on top of 8-10 of snow- more "rain" this am as you can see here at Planet Moat Mountain but let's keep this to ourselves shall we.  We will have to share soon enough.  Welcome back winter friends Erik & Leah- I am a better skier from trying to keep up with you two in 07/08 and it's a treat to race you to the first AM chair again in 08/09.   I am a thankful human... -BL

Saturday, November 22, 2008

November Turns...

I had never skied in November before Turkey Day- we took care of that today!  Thanks SJ & MsV!  Sorry iPhone camera only on the hill today-mostly brown trails and don't leave the white road! Stay tuned at least 99 more days to go...  BL

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome Home Otto!

Otto was the first member of the Team Dugus coming home party to arrive from Seattle. Landing in Grandma Maxine's lap at Logan Tuesday night so with a Wednesday low am tide we got to the beach early to shake out the travel crate 
legs- nice thing about when your Sunday morning is Wednesday and the weekend warriors are in their cubicles- we owned the place- too cold for the "Double Chai Latte" crowd anyway- just the way we like it...-BL

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hound Dog XVI... FORE!

I am normally on the left coast by this weekend for the pure golf mayhem know as the Hound Dog- this year is the 16th-no way to explain it- you just have to experience it!  Happy Birthday Marky Mark! Be there soon guys!

My self-prescribed overdose of productivity has me here in the rain vs the sun.  Fear not- turns out there are special top secret happenings on this coast- we'll make the best of the weather- we always do.  -BL

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Work of Vincent Laforet-Silly Price!

I had the privilege of attending a workshop given by this world class guy this week- a Sunday in Boston well spent- he if offering one of his incredible prints (just click on #1 in this gallery and drill in) at silly discounts staring at $40.00 to fund a student scholarship program- neat idea and he asked for some blog space.  No problem. Vincent's work from above will get your attention and stop you in your tracks- hold on! -BL

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sauve Rico Officially Turns 50!

The celebration started last week in Moab without me but Carl has proven that you can have triplets in your forties and still make it to 50 which he did today!

It has been a few weeks since you took that first ride in my Saab to M&B's wedding-I remember you gave a nice toast and if I had just stayed hidden in the back seat of the honeymoon car...

1/2 way to 100 my friend- See you there!  Your kids will be 57 then and I am thinking your chest hair will be all gray by then too! 
Big Love

Monday, November 3, 2008

Apple to Buy AT&T Wireless & Operate it like a REAL company!

I have no intention of turning my blog into a rant on AT&T Wireless but the difference between Apple's (you rock!) support of the iPhone and AT&T support of the network is mind boggling... You reach an Apple Human by phone in 10 seconds 24/7- My call to AT&T last Friday- I was on hold for over an hour and the bottom line is that they "committed" to me that they would be back to me in 1 to 3 DAYS!  

Saturday I was in East Conway (03818) standing next to a guy with 4 bars of AT&T Edge signal and I had "No Service"- I failed to take a photo of his phone is my only regret!

I was in Boston yesterday ironically at an Apple workshop- my iPhone was rocking on the 3G network so it's not a hardware issue- I called and chatted with Apple folks twice- AT&T Customer Service is closed on Sundays- welcome to the new AT&T- Steve Jobs will save your company too as he takes over the world- BL

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey AT&T Wireless...HELLOOOOOOOO!!!

My new new (yes two tries) 3G iPhone works just fine in beautiful South Chatham... Boy did Apple (you rock!) choose the wrong dance partner... AT&T you've got till Monday 11/3 to figure it out- or there will more than a new Prez next week - BL