Friday, May 30, 2008

May Turns to June

Seems only appropriate that we keep this dog theme going as May gets ready to turn to June. I was quoted this week as saying that when I become famous all my clients will be dogs-which is true. I am quite sure that most of my human clients are dog people so there maybe a loophole to bend the dog rule. A thankful M-Day week with Rio (photo) around for the holiday- and a reminder from the sudden loss of Good Dog Ginger that life is short and fleeting at times... Hug your Dog-see you in June-BL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Super-Model Puppy Judo!

I understand Tobie & Colby have brought their WWF routine to puppy class... These two winter pups are ready for summer! -BL

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CAPOZZA Trade Booth- Completed!

I was able to get by CAPOZZA World Headquarters last Friday and finally see the completed trade show booth- impressive if I do say so. Always gratifying to see the "create" part of my image work and the results of many folks time & efforts. I was lucky and got super-model Mr. C to stand in for scale... Great job Linda! -BL

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day Moto!

BIG thanks to my Mom for a pass on M-Day so I could catch Blake's first race & first win of the season. I usually capture Blake tossing Big Air (below) above snow so this was my first chance to get to his summer passion and WOW talk about action... wild! Nice work Team PPC Racing- great results!- BL

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco! - Summer Must Be Coming!

That very special "Made in USA" Mexican Holiday is here and it means summer is coming- even if winter seemed to hang on in New England last week with temps in the 20's! Mom's Day rules so there is a bunch of stuff to get out this week. So no more blogging fun till then!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Test-iPhone with Image- Meg needs one.

Just a test of remote posting from iPhone-land-Team Moat Mountain has a new sign! -BL

Friday, May 2, 2008

Atlanta Cagers Roll- DSMJ '08

Just a quick thanks to Team Smith and the Atlanta Cagers for having me down this pass weekend to cover the 6th Annual Dawson Smith Memorial Jam held in honor of their son. It was huge-108 Teams over three days-
I was lucky that Ralph's U15 ladies crushed all until just coming up short in the Sunday final-the SEC is in good shape for years to come folks-BL

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Live Free & Blog?

I am quite sure based on my keen observations that blogging is mostly talking to yourself so on that grounds here I am... Mostly to figure out how this free Google thing works in advance of a new website. I think the line between website and blog is blurring. There is a premeditated purpose that will drive my blog bus-beyond the normal shameless self-promotion. Simply: "Where will your digital images be in 20 years"- I ask everyone interested that question- no one has a clue. I am not sure I know the answer and I deal with the question for a living. -BL