Monday, April 13, 2009

Epic Winter Wedding- Jackson, NH

Well the bar has been set if you think you are a skier and have the balls to plan a winter wedding... Yes Bride Leah was ripping GS turns and Groom Erik headed down the Black Mountain Wedding Day race course in antique skis just a few hours before late afternoon outdoor nuptials at Whitney's Inn next door.  They caught a BSD in early March.

I always say weddings are sporting events but doubt anyone will come close to pulling off an epic ski weekend like theses guys did.  The toughest thing I do is cover "Big Days" for people I know- but I wouldn't trust them in anyone else's hands. Back to the edit... BL 

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Meg Simone said...

bill - you need the "share this" button - this post is great :) I'm going to share with other "In 5th Place" teammates to show how the Moat Team trains in off season :) Just kidding - they look great! Love Eric's skis!