Monday, October 26, 2009

Cranmore's Ghoullog 2009 - The fright bar has been raised!

I was truly shocked- I wasn't expecting the Ghoullog to be all that different when Cranmore's marketing guru & local rock star Kathy Bennett ask me to return to capture some new haunts after my first scare with a camera last year. I was very impressive and now understand that the Death Becomes You crew keeps raising the fright bar every year. Sure there are many fan favorites but in a totally revamped layout so prepare to freak out- very worthy of a return visit this stick season. So get there as this is the last week for the best lift ride you can have in Happy Valley before snow. Take advantage of locals night this Thursday 10/29 or dive into Halloween weekend madness. Folks are showing up from Oklahoma- now that's a draw...

Weather? Dress for it people- if you can't handle one ride up and down in the chair in October you better head to Florida by February! Thanks for having me back Kathy- bring on Pig Man... Boooo! -BL

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rungirl said...

way too scary for me!